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GoGorooms.com is an Online Hotel Reservation Portal to enable the Itineraries, Travelers, Visitors to book their accommodation hassle-free and very easily with our novel Hotel Portal in Apartments, Resorts, Budget Hotels, Luxury Hotels to Star Hotels (rated one to five stars) around the globe, either on their business or leisure travels.

Terms and Conditions


Hotel – An establishment (building) that provides lodging and other services (specified in hotel facilities) to the traveling public on a commercial basis.

Guest – A visitor to a Hotel who pays for accommodation, or other services and uses the Reservation System of the Operator to make the Reservation.

Reservation System - An online Hotel reservation system accessible at the domain name http://www.gogorooms.com (the “Portal”) enabling visitors to the Portal to book Hotel services.

Order – an electronic document (form), which is the only means of making Reservations.

Reservation – an Order of requested services (for example an overnight hotel stay) accepted and confirmed by the Operator.

Voucher – an electronic document sent by the Operator to the Guest confirming the Reservation. The Voucher should be presented at the Hotel as proof of purchase.


The purchase of overnight accommodations or other tourism services is executed by means of the completion and dispatch of an Order.

The Guest is required to complete the order form correctly. The Operator does not take any responsibility for the negative effects resulting from the incorrect completion of the Order form by the Guest.

It is the responsibility of the Guest to verify whether the Voucher, confirmation of the services booked, was received successfully. In the case when this document is not received, the Operator must be informed as soon as possible by Guest.

The Operator does not guarantee a successful delivery of the reservation confirmation document and does not take responsibility for the negative effects resulting from a missing Voucher during the accommodation of the Guest at the hotel.


The exhibited prices are per room, apartment, or other accommodation, per night. All prices include taxes.

The exhibited prices include breakfast provided by the Hotel, unless explicitly stated otherwise. In case the breakfast is not included in the price, the Guest will be informed of this fact during the reservation process.

Guest accepts that the exhibited prices are subject to change within prior notice. Operator will confirm the actual price during the reservation process and will provide it on the Voucher (reservation confirmation document). Operator does not charge any additional fees for acting as an intermediate in the reservation of overnight accommodation as well as other ordered services.


The only legally binding unit of currency for payments is the Euro (EUR). The exhibited prices in other foreign currencies (USD, GBP) are approximations, converted according to the daily average currency exchange bank rate. There can be minor differences in the final price charged due to differences in the exchange rate used by the credit card authorization centre or the Guests bank.


The Reservation price is automatically authorized once the Guest has completed and successfully submitted Order. Authorizations are executed by PayPal, utilizing an encoded, secure connection. The Operator reserves the right to block the authorized funds until the Order confirmation, up to 7 working days from the time of their authorization.

The Guests Credit Card is debited at the moment of the confirmation of the Reservation by the Operator.

The Operator reserves the right to reject an Order in case the Guests credit card funds are insufficient to cover the costs of the ordered services or the credit card vendor rejects the transaction.


Payment for any additional services used by the Guest at the Hotel or at another entity (for example parking, Laundromat facilities, cable television, mini-bar and others) not reserved through the Operator will be the sole responsibility of the Guest.


The Operator enables two different types of Reservations depending on the accessibility of services: ON-LINE Reservation – services are accessible in real-time (online), in which case the Operator instantly confirms Reservation and sends the Guest the Voucher to the e-mail address provided by the Guest during the reservation process.

ON-REQUEST Services – services are accessible on-request (available offline), in which case Operator checks the availability of the services at the Hotel or other entity and has 24 hours (during workdays) and 48 hours (during non-workdays) from the moment the Order was completed by Guest to confirm the Reservation.

For successful and fully paid Reservations the Guest, along with the Order confirmation, also receives a Voucher which is an essential document to be presented at the Hotel or other entity to ensure proper services.


Any modifications or cancellations of a Reservation must be performed using the electronic form accessible in the Reservation System. The Operator is not obligated to accept modifications or cancellation requests in any other form.

Any changes or cancellations made by the Guest need to be verified and confirmed by Operator in writing.

If no restrictions apply, the Operator will modify or cancel the Reservation without any additional costs to Guest.

The actual Terms and Conditions of modifications and cancellations may differ than from the general rules presented below, depending on the specific Hotel and the particular offer details. The Operator will inform Guest of the actual and binding Terms and Conditions in a clear and concise manner during the booking process on the order form as well as the Voucher.

In case no specific conditions are listed on the order form or the Voucher, the following Terms and Conditions shall apply:

No charges apply for cancellations or modifications of a Reservation if made at least 72 hours before the day of the service commencement.

Charges equal to 100% of the cost of the first night stay apply for cancellations or modifications of a Reservation if made less than 72 hours before the day of the service commencement.

Charges equal to 100% of the cost of the full stay apply for “no shows” without prior cancellations or modifications of a Reservation.

For cancellations made in accordance with the Reservation Terms and Conditions, the Operator will reimburse to the Guest the full amount charged, minus any cancellation costs resulting from a particular offer or the general Reservation Terms and Conditions. The Operator does not take responsibility for the currency exchange costs.


If the originally reserved services become unavailable for any reason, the Operator will try to the best of his ability to provide the Guest with as similar as possible in price, standard and duration of alternative services. If the Guest rejects the alternative proposition of a similar service, the Operator will reimburse to the Guest the full amount charged.

In any event, the Operator's liability is limited only to the amount that the Guest was charged for the services of the Hotel while making a Reservation through the Reservation System. After that amount is reimbursed to the Guest the Operator is freed of any additional claims of action by the Guest.

The Operator takes great care to present “up to date” and accurate information in the Reservation System. However, the Operator is not the owner of any Hotel facilities presented in the Reservation System, therefore:

The Operator does not take any responsibility for any damages suffered by the Guest at the Hotel.

The Operator cannot be held responsible for incorrect information provided by the Hotel itself in the Reservation System.

The Operator does not take responsibility for liabilities resulting from ‘no vacancies’ at the Hotel which for example can occur when the Hotel sells more accommodations than it actually holds.

The Operator does not take any responsibility for any inconvenience or unpleasant circumstances at the hotel that result for example from inaccessibility to recreational services, pool renovation, a water or power shortage and any other similar occurrences.

The Operator cannot be held liable in crisis situations beyond the Operators control, such as natural disasters, strikes, wars, biohazards, etc, where the realization of the Reservation is impossible, in which case Operator is released from any responsibility to fulfill the Reservation obligations and does not answer for any consequences regarding the legal binding of these Terms and Conditions.


Any complaints associated with the services rendered by the Hotel should be filed by the Guest directly with the Hotel prior to or at the time of departure or at the latest within 48 hours after the completion of the service.

If the Guest approaches Operator for whatever reason with a complaint about the services rendered by the Hotel, the Operator shall refer the complaint to the Hotel with the objective of ensuring that the complaint is dealt with as quickly as is practically possible by the Hotel.


The data collected by the Operator when the Guest books a Reservation through the website, such as Name, telephone and fax numbers, email addresses and payment details is used to process and book Reservation and to notify the Guest about the Reservation details by email or fax.


The Guest certifies that he/she has read the User Agreement and agrees to be bound by it.

The Operator reserves the right to change the “Terms and Conditions” of the Agreement at any time without prior notice.

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The subject agreement defines the terms and conditions under which the Operator provides the Guest with the Reservation services of overnight stays and other services in the Hotels.